Villiger presents the new Corrida cigar, available in two variations: Honduras and Dominican Republic.


Both are available in the same sizes, which are:

  • Robusto +, 56 x 127 mm. Full bodied cigar produced in Danli, Honduras, by Nestor A. Plasencia.
  • Toro +, 52 x 152 mm. Balanced cigar, the enjoyable sweetness is due to the double fermented Ecuadorian wrapper.

They differ in the tobaccos used for the blend and are easily recognized by their striking bands (bearing both, the name of the cigar and the silhouette of an angry bull, in black), with a secondary band, on the foot of the cigar, reporting the provenience:

  • Red, for the Honduran version
  • Yellow, for the Dominican version


Distributed in 20 count boxes. Pricing of the sizes are identical  for both lines and starts at: EUR 6,80 / CHF 8,10 for the Robusto + ; EUR 7,80 / CHF 8,80 for the Toro +.

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