Villiger will release, in the US market, a cigar that has been available in Europe for years: Villiger La Meridiana.

The name, La Meridiana, derives from Heinrich Villiger’s passion for everything related to the Cuban cigar heritage. It was one of the largest and most famous cigar factories in Havana at the end of the 19th century. The war of independence and the unrest unfortunately forced the owner, Pedro Murias, to sell the factory.

Villiger La Meridiana, in spite of the Cuban name, is a Nicaraguan puro. The blend is composed of tobaccos that were aged for at least 4 years and will be available in 5 sizes:

  • Corona; 42 x 140 mm, $ 6,50
  • Robusto; 50 x 127 mm, $ 7,50
  • Torpedo; 52 x 152 mm, $ 8,00
  • Churchill; 48 x 174 mm, $ 8,50
  • Toro Box Pressed; 54 x 152 mm, $ 10,60

Rene Castañeda, president of Villiger North America, said: “We believe it is the perfect time to launch the Villiger La Meridiana in the US market. Villiger La Meridiana is an exceptionally elegant and tasty cigar that I’m sure will satisfy the American consumer.”

The cigars will be available in 10 count boxes.

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