The new Villiger Flor De Ynclan Lancero Especial and the Villiger La Vencedora Gordo (6×60) will be shipped to US retailers this week. Both products are line extensions that were presented during the IPCPR 2018 in Las Vegas last July.

Villiger Flor De Ynclan were created by Heinrich Villiger and the master blender Jose Matias Maragoto. Villiger produced a small batch of La Flor De Ynclan over a decade ago. Unhappy with the final result; the decision that was made was to cease production. Tobacco was put aside and aged, while Matias meticulously changed the amount of Indonesian, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped in the Ecuadorian-grown wrapper. Nowadays, La Flor De Ynclan is what they both imagined it to be, a cigar ready to be put on the market.

La Vencedora is instead a Nicaraguan puro, produced at the Joya de Nicaragua factory.

The Villiger Flor De Ynclan Lancero Especial will be sold in boxes of 25 pieces. The price per cigar will be $ 11.00. The La Vencedora Gordo (6×60), also packaged in boxes of 25 pieces, will be sold at $ 10.50 per cigar.

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