Halloween is coming closer and each year, since 2013, Viaje releases the Full Moon edition, that for the first time will be part of the Collector’s Edition.

The dimensions of the cigar changes, now a Toro size with a ring gauge of 56 x 152 mm in length, pig tail finish on the head and a closed foot, but the tobacco, strictly nicaraguan, doesn’t change. The packaging was modified as well, not round anymore, now it is square and contains 24 cigars.
The principle idea behind the Collector’s Edition is, that once the cigars in circulations have sold out, they won’t be repurposed, which makes these cigars rare. The previous editions were:
•    Viaje Oro Collector
•    Viaje Exclusivo Double Edged Sword II Collector
•    Viaje Skull and Bones TenTon Tess Silver
•    Viaje Skull and Bones TenTon Tess Gold

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