As already announced in the XIX Festival del Habano news article (click here for more infos), finally the latest details about the new Quai d’Orsay cigars have been released.


The new cigars will be two:

  • No.50: cepo 54 x 134 mm (5.3″)
  • No.54: cepo 50 x 101 mm (4″)

Another news, other than the new sizes, is the packaging and the new band. In fact, the band increases in dimensions has a lot more details and attentions. From the yellow color to the golden one, with the name of the cigar printed on it.


The new boxes have the papaleta, the wraps up the right side of the box.


The bands and the inside of the box are now a completely new news. They were already appeared in the last Quai d’Orsay regional editions releases.

quai-d-orsay-RE quai-d-orsay-no-50-new-design


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