It is the third consecutive year that Manifatture Sigaro Toscano releases the Toscanello XXL. They are sold in carton packs of ten pieces, at a cost of 12 Euros.

However, every year the blend changes. This year the blend involves short filler tobacco from Tennessee and Kentucky, wrapped in a North American wrapper (the origin of which is not declared). Obviously it is not a standard production, but limited to the packages already distributed at the retailers.

Country of Origin: Italy
Size: 32 x 80 mm (3.1″)
Wrapper: USA
Filler: Italy, USA
Price: €1.20

Visuali, the wrapper appears fairly uniform to each other, all having a very dark brown.

Toscano Toscanello XXL Blend 3: on the nose dominat hints of very smoky wood, but also strong manure and leather .

The openng is delicately salty, enriched also by acid and bitter components. Despite this, however, the aromas are few in number: wood and earth are very pronounced, with a fairly intense leather note. The strength is medium (3/5).

Towards the middle of the smoke, the flavors do not change. Flavor-wise, the notes of wood and leather are still present, together with a light nutty note. Strength remains unchanged (3/5).

Overall, the Toscano Toscanello XXL Blend 3 offers a discreet smoke with an ample volume of smoke. Certainly there is not much more to ask from an Ammezzato and in fact it does not shine due to particular characteristics, except for the very marked flavors which, however, are few in number. All in all, a discreet smoke, particularly suitable for a quick after meal smoke.

Rating: 82

2 thoughts on “Toscano Toscanello XXL Blend 3

  1. Hello,
    I am very happy to receive your online magazine and find it very interesting. I would like to have information on how I can purchase the cigars you review here in the United States, specifically the Toscanello XXL Blend 3.


    Thomas Sellett

    1. Hi Thomas

      Thank you for your kind words. The Toscanello XXL3 is currently not distributed outside of Italy and therefore almost impossible to buy (since online sales and shipping tobacco products is illegal in Italy).

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