For those outside the cigar world, even the regular production seems to be more than expensive. For us aficionados instead, it is the norm. However, in the last couple of years a very particular niche took shape, the super-premium cigar one.

This Top 5 is made considerig the cigar price when they were introduced to the market and not the collectable value that year after year, they have right now. Excluded from the list are the aromatized cigars or the ones wrapped in a golden leaf, which is just an aesthetical feature, not providing anything in terms of flavors.

Nr. 5: Padron 50 Anniversary Humidor – $ 106 per cigar

Created for the 50th birthday of the brand. The humidor, with a design made by the famous Nelson Alfonso, contains 50 cigars with a size of 50 x 165mm. They production is limited to 1’000 pieces. With the purchase of the humidor, the buyer receives accessories produced by S.T. Dupont and the possibility to refill the humidor up to five times. The price of the humidor is $ 5.300.


Nr. 4: Cohiba 40 Anniversario Behike – $ 450 per cigar

The “original“ Behike was launched in humidors made by Elie Bleu. This 100 pieces contain 40 cigars, with the dimensions of 52 x 192mm. Each of the 4000 cigars were rolled by one torcedor, Norma Fernandez, and are numbered by hand. The humidor was released with a price of $ 18.000.


Nr. 3: Davidoff Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 – $ 500 per cigar

Born by the mind of blender Eladio Diaz, who also controlled the production of the Oro Blanco. The Toro Extra has the a size of 54 x 162mm and is packed both in single coffins and in 10 count boxes. The price of the 10 count box is $ 5.000.


Nr. 2: Gurkha Black Dragon Edicion Especial – $ 1.150 per cigar

The Black Dragon carries the name of the most expensive cigar of our list. The case, produced in India, is hand carved using camel bone and contains 100 cigars. Only 5 of this chests have been made. The tobaccos used in this Double Robusto (52 x 216mm) originates from various international countries and are aged for 12-15 years. The chest was sold at the stellar price of $ 115.000.

GhurkaNo. 1 Cohiba 50th Aniversario – $ 5.000 per cigar

Inside the humdior there are 50 cigars. The size is 60 x 178 mm. This is the first cigar featuring a ring gauge of 60 made by Habanos. The humidor is decorated with true tobacco leaves covered in 24 carats gold. In the humidor there are also some accessories, all showing the 50th Cohiba Anniversary logo. There is not a retail price for this humidor, due to the fact they have been all purchased in auctions, to which the Habanos distributors partecipated. The price for the humdior, is around $ 250.000.


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