Starting  from today, the 27th of May 2016, the Punch Supremos Regional Edition Switzerland 2015 humidor will be available in the Casa del Habano. From the 8th of June 2016 onwards, they can then be found in the Habanos Specialist sale points.punch-supremos-humidor-5

The production is limited to 100 humidor, containing 50 cigars. The format is a Sobresalientes and the dimensions are 53 x 153mm.

The retail price of the humidor, that also contains a humidification system, is 3’800 CHF. Surely a collectors piece that will attracted a lot of aficionados, for its form and its design, that definitely falls outside of the standard. The humidor imitates the press, that is used to compress the cigars and giving it its final form, before that they get dressed with the wrapper. Furthermore, the Punch puppet, positioned on one side, completes the opera.

punch-supremos-humidor punch-supremos-humidor-4


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