At he end of 2016, here are the best Italian cigars we tried in this year. With Italian cigars we refer to products made in Italy or made using the same tobacco process. Mainly these cigars are made of Kentucky tobacco.

This list is made by the highest rated cigars of this kind, with a special focus on the news cigar released in 2016.

CigarsLover Magazine awards sigari italiani

1. AMAZON Arabesque

It is one of the most rappresentative cigars made by Amazon and, despite the little size, it is made with a wrapper and a binder. The smoke time is longer than you can expect considering its short legnth (85mm); it reaches 50-55 minutes. The main characteristic of this cigar is its rich Kentucky flavor, but still not overwhelming, making this products suitable also to the caribbean cigar smokers. The consistency is great. You can never go wrong with the Arabesque.

Aromatic palette: mineral and balsamic notes, followed by tree nuts (mainly walnut), earth, hazelnut and roasted coffee.

Strength: medium to full.


2. AMBASCIATOR ITALICO Superiore Riserva Premium 2016

This cigar was a challenge for the producers (Moderno Opificio del Sigaro Italiano): it is a limited edition of an already existing product (the “Superiore”) with the difference that the cigars are made rest in barrels used to produce “Grappa di Prosecco”, an Italian liquor. The result is a cigar that shares the same characteristics of the “Superiore” but with something more in aromatic terms. Maybe it won’t be the favorite cigar for a Kentucky aficionado, but it will be surely appreciated.

Aromatic palette: winey, vanilla, roasted coffee, wood, spices and mineral notes, together with pepper.

Strength: medium plus  



This is the only cigar enlisted not made of Kentucky tobacco. The Sestiere was the missing product for Nostrano del Brenta: rich in taste and with a strength that picks up considerably during the smoke. Adding a great balance makes the recipe for an amazing cigar.

Aromatic palette: floral notes, hazelnut, ripe fruit, wood, spices and cocoa.

Strength:light at the beginning, medium to full in the end


4. TOSCANO Antica Riserva

Despite the production of this cigar started in 1992, the consistency has been its main characteristic. The latest cigars we tried surprised us: rich, balanced and full body..impressive. Let’s hope the Antica Riserva produced in the next years will be as good as the 2016 ones.

Aromatic palette: pepper, spices, leather, wood, cocoa and coffee.

Strength: full


5. CTS Tornabuoni Spingarda D’Anghiari

If you are looking for a satisfying, rustic and strong smoke, the Spingarda d’Anghiari is the right choice. Made by Compagnia Toscana Sigari, this long filler is hand made and it is thought for the Aficionados. Be careful when you are smoking it: you need to pay attention and to never puff too fast, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy its aromatic profile. An after meal cigar, that is for sure!

Aromatic palette: leather, spices, wood, walnut, coffee and pepper.

Strength: full

Tornabuoni Spingarda d'Anghiari-5

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