The limited edition produced by Pete Jonshon’s brand for TAA (Tobacconists’ Association of America) has been called TAA 50th and will be presented by the end of the month.

It will be a box-press Rob usto with dimensions of 52 x 127 mm, with a Connecticut Broadleaf Rosado Oscuro as wrapper, binder and filler are Nicaraguan. 2018 is the eighth consecutive year in which Tatuaje makes a cigar exclusively for the members of the association, seven were produced with Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Price should be around 12 dollars. The TAA is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year and the convention will take place in the Dominican Republic from April 29th to May 3rd.

Pete Jonshon was one of the first to decide to create a specific limited edition for members of the TAA, in 2011. Previously several producers created cigars that were then regularly supplied to retailers belonging to the associative circle.

Tatuaje is the fourth brand to announce a limited edition TAA this year, preceded by Altadis USA, CLE and Crowned Heads.

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