Tatuaje removes various historic brands from their price list: Ambos Mundos, El Triunfador, La Casita Criollo and La Riqueza.

Pete Johnson says: “these are brands that mean a lot to me and these products will continue to be part of the Tatuaje family. You won’t find them on the price list, but they will still be available at events and in small releases”.

Johnson adds that the “cut” is not due to the new FDA regulations, but rather to a controlled reduction of the Tatuaje portfolio, that has grown in the last 14 years to 400 SKU’s.

Here are a few characteristics about the brands:

  • Ambos Mundos,  was introduced in 2009 and was offered in two blends with four sizes each: Ambos Mundos No. 1 Ecuador Habano wrapper, while the No. 2 uses a Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. Both versions use Nicaraguan tobacco as binder and filler.


  • El Triunfador debuted in 2010; the line that will be removed is the one with the red bands, that is composed of eight sizes. The blend consists of a Ecuador Habano wrapper, binder and filler from Nicaragua. The Lancero, with the brown band, will stay on the list.


  • La Casita Criolla appeared in 2012, together with the Fausto line; the cigar is rolled with only Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco.


  • La Riqueza,  the oldest line out of the lot, was born in 2008 and count as many as 13 sizes. Connecticut Broadleaf is used as wrapper, while binder and filler are Nicaraguan. The cigar is also box pressed.


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