During the Spring of 2018 two new cigars from Tatuaje will head to Europe: Petit Eglise and Clos L’ Eglise.

The project started 5 years ago, initially created to be an Event only cigar to be exclusively sold at events held at Tatuaje retailers, with the presents of Pete Johnson. Now, they will be release for the old continent.

Both released in limited quantities (due to the Pelo de Oro, grown by the Garcia family, in the blend), as Robustos measuring 50 x 127 mm. The difference is the wrapper leaf and the closure of the foot:

Petit Eglise, Ecuador Rosado Claro wrapper with a traditional foot
Clos L’Elise, Ecuador Rosado Oscuro with a closed foot

Pricing is supposed to be around 15 Euros.

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