This whisky could be defined as an historical bottling. It’s the oldest bottling ever made by Talisker.

35 years of aging are not few, as not many are the distilleries capable of making a so aged product.

Nowadays a bottle of Talisker 35 is around 1.000€.

  • ABV: 54.6%
  • Cask Type: not declared
  • Age: 35 years
  • Number of Bottles: 3.090
  • Price range: over € 250
  • Availability: low

talisker 35 Tasting notes: TALISKER 35 YO

Nose: warm and sweet. It delivers citrus notes, in particular lemon and citron, and tropical fruits, pineapple and banana. Then the spices pick up: black pepper and cinnamon. There are also some peaty notes, almost unperceivable. Last, it comes the caramel.

Palate: almost fizzy, due to the rich spices that compared to the nosing are way more structured: black pepper and salt, a touch of white pepper and cinnamon. There are also some cardamom hints. Then it’s the time of yellow fruit and citrus (again lemon and citron), together with tropical fruit. The ABV is perfect. After a few moments, the aromatic palette gets complete with sea and peaty notes.

Finish: long. It develops spices (black pepper), salty notes and yellow fruits.

On one side we have the classical salty and spicy notes that rapresent the Talisker brand, on the other side we have a non so expected sweetness. Two souls but just one character. One of the best Talisker ever.  


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