Springbank 2006 Local Barley has a particular history. The barley used has been cultivated near the distillery and is of the Bere variety. The label also shows the origin of the barley, making it a unique product, completely agricultural and managed independently by Springbank.

  • ABV: 53,1%
  • Casks: not declared
  • Years: 11 Years Old
  • No. of Bottles: 9000 bottles
  • Price Range: 100-250€
  • Availability: low


Nose: the whole agricultural side of the distillery is perceptible. Cereal flakes, then unripe yellow fruits, cedar, apple and pineapple, all joined by well evident spices, white pepper, cardamom and cinnamon.

Palate: the entrance is spicy, fresh and lively. Spices are evident, white pepper and cinnamon, then yellow fruits, banana, pineapple and lemon. Afterwards emerge the mineral and agricultural side of the distillery. Gradation is just short of perfect, intensity is as its best.

Finish: long persistence and intensity. Spices, yellow fruit and candied fruits are perceptible.

Springbank 2006 Local Barley is an excellent Springbank. Despite the few years in the barrel, the complexity level is high. Intensity is optimal, thanks to the balance between the single components.

Rating: 90

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