The SmokeStack is a Scotch whisky, which has a topping level of 30 ppm. It is a limited edition bottled in 2017 (4,200 bottles were produced).

The name of this Scotch was not chosen by chance. Vintage Malt Whisky Company declares: “At around 30ppm of phenol, this dram hits like a runaway train. Hang on for the ride”.

  • ABV: 46%
  • Cask: American Oak
  • Age: not declared
  • No. of Bottles: 4200 bottles
  • Price Range: 0-50€
  • Availability: medium


Nose: intense peat notes are followed by rich spices (black pepper). In the background, echoes of citrus fruits (lemon peel) and vanilla are perceived. After a few moments, lemon cream. Despite the not particularly pronounced gradation, the alcoholic component is perceptible.

Palate: oily. Notes of peat, black pepper and hot spices are outlined. Smoke and coal nuances. Citrus fruits are present, but in a more contained way than perceived on the nose.

Finish: of medium-long persistence. Peat notes are perceivable, joined by citrus and lemon cream.

Overall, the SmokeStack has not a particularly large flavor profile. The complexity is contained, due to the peat, omnipresent and pronounced. They keep true to their word, regarding the peatiness.

Rating: 82

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