Simon Chase has been a character who has given a lot in the cigar world and in particular to the Cuban part of our world.

Simon worked for several years at Hunters & Frankau (the official distributor of Habanos SA in the United Kingdom), from 1997 until 2009. Very well known also in Cuba, Simon has actively participated as an auction beater during many of the Festival del Habano. In 1998 he was also awarded the Hombre Habano del Año prize (the Habanos man of the year), in the communication category. A small anecdote: his first cigar was a Bolivar, a choice that he himself defined years later as a bit reckless, since Bolivar is among the brands with the highest strength in the Cuban portfolio. Why did he choose it? Because he and Bolivar share the same first name: Simon Chase and Simon Bolivar.

The cigar world loses a profound connoisseur, as well as a long-time Aficionado.


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