Sancho Panza Non Plus is a Cuban cigar. The size is referred to as Mareva, or more commonly know as a Petit Corona format.

• Country of Origin: Cuba
• Size: 40 x 130 mm (5.125″)
• Wrapper: Cuba
• Binder: Cuba
• Filler: Cuba
• Price: 7€

The wrapper is of a Colorado shade and the filling is generous. The cigar itself looks slightly box pressed.

Sancho Panza Non Plus: unlit, hints of seasoned wood appear. The opening is salty and brings notes of seasoned wood and earth to the palate.

The first third continues on the notes of rustic wood and earth. Strength is medium (3/5).

There are no major changes, in terms of flavor, in the second third. Later on, nuances of balsamic herbs appear. Strength remains constant (3/5).

The final third alternates earth and vegetal notes. Soft hints of roasted coffee can be perceived as well. Strength grows vigorously, becoming medium – full (4/5).

Overall, the Sancho Panza Non Plus a simple cigar, which at times comes over as “flat”. Rustic and discreetly satisfying. The surge in strength toward the final third happens rather abruptly.

Rating: 83

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