Royal Agio adds thee new vitolas to the Balmoral Añejo XO line. A Gran Toro (52 x 152mm), a Corona (42 x 150mm) and a Lancero FT (40 x 178mm).

Balmoral_Anejo-XO_Gran-Toro_Open-Kist-Met-Sigaar_RGB (1)

The first two vitolas will enter regular production, while the Lancero FT (for Flag Tail) will be limited to 1’250 box per 10 cigars. 500 of this boxes are destined for the American market.

Balmoral_Anejo-XO_Lancero-FT_Dichte-Kist-Met-Sigaar_RGB (1)
The blend of the Balmoral XO line is a combination of a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, a Dominican Olor binder and the filler is realized with tobaccos from Brazil, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

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