At first glance, the humidor and the golden “dress” that covers each cigar stole the stage from the most anticipated 2018 news in Cuba: the Cohiba Robusto Reserva.

If that were not enough, the Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchills will be placed in a handmade wooden humidor, born from  a collaboration between Elie Bleu and Jean-Philippe Martin, who had already created the 50-year-old Cohiba humidor.

The Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchill has very generous size: cepo 56 x 190 mm in length.

Needless to say, it will be the largest Romeo y Julieta on the market, far surpassing all the others “Churchill” in the vitolario, way bigger than the Short Churchill, the Petit Churchill, the Wide Churchill and the Churchills.

Inside the humidor, cigars are placed on an arch able to give a considerable aesthetic sense to this product. Not only that, since all cigars are separated from each other, this system delivers perfect air circulation and therefore a perfect distribution of humidity to all cigars.

Cigars should go on sale in 2018, but most likely, as usual for this “special” Cuban editions, the release date could be postponed until 2019.

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