RoMa Craft Tobac presents a new cigar with a Cameroon wrapper and will be called Baka, just like the Pygmy tribe that lives in the south-eastern rainforests of Cameroon and the surrounding areas.

Skip Martin confirmed the use of the Cameroon wrapper but did not reveal more about the rest of the blend. The new cigar will initially be available in two sizes “Bantu” and “Acephalous” and then gradually increase to 7 sizes:

  • Pygmy, 46 x 101 mm
  • Bantu, 52 x 101 mm
  • Ota Benga, 60 x 114 mm
  • Poki, 50 x 127 mm
  • Acephalous, 56 x 127 mm
  • Jengi, 46 x 146 mm
  • Hunter Gatherer, 54 x 152 mm

The Baka are semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers and their average height is around 1.52 meters, this population is often discriminated against and marginalized by society.

RoMa Craft Baka will be released as an “annual limited release” and will be available in 24 count boxes (with the exception of the Pygmy which will have 30 cigars per box). This debut is scheduled for the end of June for the IPCPR.

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