Thanks to some images published on Skip Martin’s Instagram, we are able to get a close up look at one, out of three, new RoMa Craft cigar that will be available in Germany in the coming months: Neanderthal Hermann Schaaffhausen.

Neanderthal Hermann Schaaffhausen comes in a Corona Gorda size, measuring 46 x 146 mm. The blend should stay the same, which means: Mexican San Andres wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a mix of Dominican, Nicaraguan and USA (Pennsylvania) tobaccos as filler.

The name adopted by the cigar refers to the German anatomist, anthropologist and paleoanthropologist better know for his studies on Neanderthal fossils, Human remains found in 1856 during excavations in the Kleine Feldhofer Grotte in the Neander Valley, near Düsseldorf, in the north of Germany.

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