The Pink Gin is a quick drink to prepare, that needs just a few ingridients. It’s a classic from mid-19th century.



• 6cl gin – Plymouth gin

• 3 drops of bitter Angostura

• ice

Pour the ice in a cold tumbler glass to cold down and moist the it. Put some ice cubes in the mixing glass and add the gin. The ice doesn’t have to be covered by the liquid. Mix it for a few seconds and pour the liquid in the tumbler with some ice cubes. The cocktail is ready.


Trinidad Coloniales: the aromatic palette delivers earthy and spicy notes, followed by nuts and cocoa. The spices, that culminate in piquant peaks, find in the Gin an ally, able to refresh the smoke and add some balsamic herbs, making the pairing suitable for both aperitive or after dinne.

trinidad-coloniales pai


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