Habanos S.A., during the 35th edition of the Havana International Fair, released new packages for cigars that were commercialized years ago, belonging to the Portages and Romeo y Julieta brand. They are know called Linea Retro.

The size chosen to revive the Linea Retro is a Mareva, which measures 42 x 129 mm. Habanos defines it as “probably the most popular size in the history of the company”, that years ago was considered as a standard size, which nowadays is represented by the Robusto.

The products, Capitols for the Partagas and Club Kings for Romeo y Julieta. They will be packaged in tins reminiscing fo the 70ies; each tin contains 5 cigars.

Marevas is for Portages a reintroduction of discontinued cigars, Petit Corona in 2002 and Petit Privados in the 80ies; while for Romeo y Julieta it is an addition to the already commercialized Petit Coronas and Cedros de Luxe N.3.

Habanos will gradually introduce other brands from their portfolio to the Linea Retro.

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