The distribution of the Nostrano del Brenta Campesano started in Italy and the cigar can already be purchased in shops. The Campesano is left to rest for 6 months in the aging room before being sold. Retail price is set at Euro 4.40 per pack, which contains two Campesano.

Country of Origin: Italy
Size: 45 x 92 mm (3,6″)
Wrapper: Italy
Binder: Italy
Filler: Dominican Republic, Italy
Price: €4.40 per pack

Visualyt, the wrapper is shiny. It is rough to the touch. The general construction is good.

Nostrano del Brenta Campesano: the unlit cigar stays true to the imprint of the brand, with a pronounce note of hay and dried flowers, with delicate hints of cocoa and wood.

Once lit, it is delicately salty but also acidic. Flavor-wise, the cigar expresses hints of wood and earth, with a soft mineral nuance. Strength is light (1/5).

Continuing, the saltiness grows next to the acidic component, that has remained unchanged. It is possible to appreciate a different flavor profile, now represented by wood, hay and walnut. Strength increases slightly, becoming medium-light (2/5).

Overall, the new Nostrano del Brenta Campesano remains faithful to the brand’s character and the presence of Dominican tobacco does not seem to be particularly distinct. However it is a good product, balanced on the palate and between the strength and flavor profile. Despite the short filler construction, it manages to bring out a respectable flavor profile.

Rating: 84

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