The Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt is a Japanese whisky, its name is an homage to Masataka Taketuru, a key personality in Japans whisky world. Matter of fact, he was the first Japanese who moved to Scotland to learn the art of whisky and its secrets.

This whisky is a blend and is realizes with single malts, that come from both the Mihagikyo distillery and the Yoichi distillery. The origin of the single malts include different typologies casks, among which are also ex-sherry casks, which can be perceived when tasting this product.

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt-2

  • ABV: 43%
  • Casks: not declared
  • Age: not declared
  • Number of bottles: not declared
  • Price range: 50 € – 100 €
  • Availability: high


Nose: peat and spices, black pepper, give rise to the first olfactory impact. Afterwards is the turn of red fruits and wood. Marine notes reach the palate as last.

Palate: it reveals aromas of malt and spices, the black pepper excels. Then come feeble notes of red fruits and licorice. The aromatic palette is not very “deep” and structured.

Finale: persistency is medium short. Dominated by black pepper.

Complessivamente un whiskey giapponese entry level, che sviluppa una paletta aromatica limitata e dotata di una complessità particolarmente contenuta. Anche il finale risulta evanescente e di poco impatto.

Overall, an entry level Japanese whisky, that develops a limited aromatic palette paired with a particularly contained complexity. Even the finale results evanescent and of little impact.



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