The founder of the Nikka Whisky was Masataka Taketsuru, who, after going to Scotland to learn the Whisky production art, subsequently opened the distillery in Yochi, in which the first Nikka Whisky was produced. It was October of 1940.

The Nikka From the Barrel is a blended Japanese Whisky, made of single malt and grain Whisky, all coming from the Nikka reserve (Miyagikyo and Yoichi).

The small 50 cl bottle, in which it is commercialized, leaps immediately to the eye and it is appreciated for its simplicity. The alcohol content is 51,4%.

The price of the bottle is around 40€.



Look: amber, with golden reflex.

On the nose: sweet notes of honey and ripe fruits, with hints of vanilla and oak wood. There is also some orange peel.

On the palate: it opens with ripe fruits, honey and caramel, followed by orange peel and slight spices. Buttery.

Finish: great persistence. Slightly spicy and dry, with hints of cocoa.

Given the alcohol content of this Whisky (if not diluted with some water drops), it results necessary to pair it with cigars that present an incurred aromatic intensity and strength, able to not be overwhelmed by the spirit.

Cigars to pair:

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Robusto: the aromatic bouquet of this dominican cigar lends itself well to being paired with the Nikka: the notes of cocoa, spices and the ripe fruits, as well as the sweet base, are common to both products. All this creates a satisfying union, with a huge richness. The aromas are amplified and the pairing is a winner.


Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos: the sweet base of this Cuban cigar marries well with the honey and ripe fruits notes of the Whisky. The structured aromatic palette of the Magicos is accompanied and refreshed by the notes of orange peel, while the spices merge together without becoming excessive and overtop the rest of the aromatic palette. A satisfying duet.  cohiba-maduro-5-magicos2

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