Soon there will be 4 new releases for Octomore, the most peaty whisky in the world, made by Bruchladdich. The four new versions will continue the numeration used for the previous bottlings.


Here are the characteristics of the new 4 Octomore Masterclass 08:

  • 08.1: aged for 8 years and 167 PPM of peat. It is matured in first fill American barrels and is it the entry level Octomore of this serie. There will be 42.000 bottles. ABV 59,3%. Price will be around 140€.
  • 08.2: aged for 8 years and 167 PPM of peat. For the first 6 years it was matured in three different casks: refill ex-Sauternes, Austrian sweet wine and French Mourvèdre barrels. Then it was moved into ex-Amarona (Italian strong wine) casks for w more years. It will be commercialized as a Travel Retail edition. There will be 36.000 bottles. ABV 58,4%. Price will be around 150€.
  • 08.3: aged for 5 years and 309 PPM of peat; this is the most peaty whisky ever made. 56% of this whisky is matured in ex-Bourbon American oak (first filling); the remaining 44% is different type of ex wine barrels: Pauillac, Ventoux, Rhone and Burgundy European oak casks. There will be 18.000 bottles. ABV 61,2%. Price will be around 180€.
  • 08.4: aged for 8 years and 170 PPM of peat. This whisky has been matured in different casks: 80% in ex-bourbon (first filling) finished then in European oak casks. The 20% left is fully aged in virgin oak barrels. There will be 12.000 bottles. ABV 58,7%. Price will be around 170€.

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