A new look for the Joya Cabinetta, will be presented at the IPCPR.

The new look is leaned on the branding of the Joya Red and the new Joya Black, which will apply to both the band and the box.

The line is made up of five sizes, of which tre have new dimensions:

▪    Corona Gorda (46 x 133mm)
▪    Robusto (50 x 127mm)
▪    Toro (52 x 152mm)
▪    Belicoso (54 x 152mm)
▪    Churchill (48 x 175mm)

joya-cabinetta-vitolas-PR (1)

They will be packaged in boxes of 20 cigars.

Furthermore, the criollo wrapper used for the part of the head for the doble capa, was increased by almost 25mm in length.

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