It is already available in the Tesco Supermarket, UK, but soon it will be shipped globally: we are talking about the Highland Park new born, the Dragon Legend. This Scotch whisky is a no age statement, bottled at 43,1%.

Its main characteristic is a higher percentage of peated malt stock compared to the traditional 12 years old, the main product of the brand. This means the whisky will be more smoky. The maturation has been made in the usual European and American oak barrels, a tradition for Kirkwall distillery.

The name comes from a legend, as it happened for many of the newest Highland Park releases: the Viking warrior Sigurd, after having killed dragon Fafnir, drank its blood, gaining some magic capabilities, such as foresight and wisdom. Commercialized in UK at 40 pounds, it will be available on the international markets starting from the beginning of 2018.

Il nuovo Highland Park Dragon Legend


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