The Gaaja Line is made by Cigar Company Bombay Tobak in Costa Rica.

The Mbombay Gaaja (toro size) is CigarsLover Magazine TOP4 in the category “Rest of the World” (the best cigars made outside the four biggest country producers in the world: Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic). 

It will be soon introduced into the market the new version of the line: the Maduro. Two will be the Gaaja Maduro cigars: a toro and a piramid size. The piramide will be available also in the classic line.

mombay gaya madurlo line


In details:

Mbombay Gaaja Maduro Toro – 54 x 152 mm

Mombay Maduro Toro

Mbombay Gaaja Maduro Torpedo – 54 x 165 mm

mombay aduro torpedo

Both the cigars will be commercialized in box of 10. Price will be around 150$ (in the US).

The difference between the classic and maduro is mainly in the wrapper: for the new line a Mata Fina leaf (from Brazil) is the chosen one . The binder is the same (Ecuador) and the filler is still a mix of leaves coming from Dominican Republic, Perù, Ecuador e Paraguay, but the proportions are slightly different, to best match the new wrapper.

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