Freyja 12 is a Churchill size cigar, 52 x 178 mm long, baptized Brísingamen (name deriving from the necklace that gives power to the goddess Freyja); the blend is different from the other cigars belonging to this serie, and is made of an Ecuador Habano wrapper, a Dominican binder, and a filler which includes Dominican corojo, Criollo 98 and Cuban Piloto.

The tobaccos used are entirely grown by Jochy Blanco, who also takes care of the creation of the cigar in his factory, Tabacalera Palma.

The cigars will come to the market very soon and should be available in February, a priced at $ 144 per box (12 cigars).

The other cigars that complete the entire line are:

  • Sessrúmnir Corona Larga – 42 x 146mm (Sessrúmnir was the place where Freyja welcomed part of the souls of the Viking warriors who fell in battle, a sort of elite camps)
  • Valhalla Robusto – 50 x 140 mm (residence of the brave souls of the warriors claimed by Odin, alongside whom they will fight in the final battle of Ragnarök)
  • Thor’s Bull – 54 x 152 mm (god of thunder)
  • Valkyrie Pyramid – 52 x 165 (representing Freyja, “lady” of the Valkyries)
  • Mjölnir – 55 x 165 mm (Thor’s iconic hammer) with a pressed box shape

These are made with a different blend (a Criollo ’98 Dominican wrapper, a Mexican San Andres binder and a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves for the filler).

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