Port Charlotte is Bruichladdich’s product line called “heavily peated”. The line takes its name from a distillery on the island of Islay, closed in 1929. Since 2006, Port Charlotte has presented very peated products (40 Parts Per Million), until today without a declaration of age. They have decided to completely renew their range from an aesthetic point of view, introducing as many as four new products.

  • Port Charlotte 10 Anni: ABV 50%, aged in ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels of first and second filling and in French wine barrels of second filling, price £50;
  • Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2011: ABV 50%, ABV 50%, aged in ex-first filled bourbon and a small percentage in ex-Merlot and Syrah barrels, price £60;
  • Port Charlotte MRC:01 2010: ABV 59,2%, aged in barrels from Bourdeaux, price £90;
  • Port Charlotte MC:01 2009: ABV 56,3%, aged in ex-Marsala barrels, price not yet declared.

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