In the coming days, Alec Bradley will ship out three new lines to retailers: Prensado Lost Art, Black Market Esteli and Fine & Rare BR12-13.

Prensado Lost Art uses an Honduran wrapper, double binders (one from Honduras, the other from Nicaragua) and Nicaraguan filler. It will be available five sizes:

Prensado Lost Art Churchill, 50 x 178 mm
Prensado Lost Art  Doube T, 60 x 152 mm
Prensado Lost Art  Gran Toro, 52 x 158 mm
Prensado Lost Art Robusto, 52 x 127 mm
Prensado Lost Art Torpedo, 52 x 165 mm

Production takes place in the Raices Cubanas factory, in Honduras. They will be packaged in 20 count boxes, with pricing to vary from $198 to $257.

Black Market Esteli expands the famous Black Market family, with cigars made almost entirely from Nicaraguan tobacco (coming mostly from Esteli). The only exception is the second binder, that is Hondura. This line will be available in five sizes as well:

Black Market Estelí Churchill, 50 x 178 mm
Black Market Estelí Gordo, 60 x 152 mm
Black Market Estelí Robusto, 52 x 127 mm
Black Market Estelí Toro, 52 x 152 mm
Black Market Estelí Torpedo, 52 x 165 mm

Production is handled by the Plasencias and will be commercialized in 22 count boxes, with a price ranging from $166,10 to $202,40.

Lastly, Fine & Rare BR12-13 will get its second release, the first dates back to 2012. This cigar is made up of 10 different tobaccos (mostly from Jalapa, Esteli and the Troyes region); dressed in a Honduran wrapper, while the rest is composed of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Production is limited to only 2.000 boxes, containing 10 torpedo sized cigars (measuring 54 x 152 mm). They will retail for around $177,50.

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