In 2018 Nestor Miranda turns 75 and Miami Cigar & Co. celebrates the event proposing a new cigarNestor Miranda Collection 75° Anniversario.

Only little information is currently available: probable production at My Father Cigars and the release during the summer of this year (late compared to the birthday date, which is February 14). The double bands that dress the cigars are very elegant and the second band reports: year of birth (1943), the age (75) and the year of completion (2018), in addition to the word “Anniversary” .

Keep in mind that the company, 5 years ago, commemorated the 70 years of Nestor Miranda by releasing a box in the shape of a Ford Shelby Cobra. Each containing 12 Lanceros, made with two different blends and by two different factories: n. 6 from La Aurora and n. 6 from My Father Cigars SA.

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