The Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly Muwat is one of the seven sizes of the Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured line, produced by Drew Estate. The blend is undisclosed.

  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Size: 56 x 127 mm (5″)
  • Wrapper: not disclosed
  • Binder: not disclosed
  • Filler: not disclosed
  • Price: €9


Visually, the wrapper is of a dark color. To the touch, the leaf is pleasantly rough, with not very pronounced veins. The general construction, as well as the filling, are more than good.

Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly: unlit, it reveals scents reminiscent of peat, but also earth, leather and natural rubber.

The opening quite sapid, with a slight spicy sensation that lasts for a few puffs. Powerful, with peat, pepper, walnut and an impetuous leather note. Strength is medium – light (2/5).

The second third does not change in flavor, not even in intensity. The initial aromas of peat and pepper are followed by a mineral scent and a less evident nutty note. Strength remains constant (2/5).

In the final third, the saltiness (unchanged throughout the smoke) is flanked by a delicate bitter note, not too intrusive. The aromas evolve towards spice and wood, followed by the mineral scent of the second third, also leaving space for a delicate hint of coffee. Strength increases slightly, becoming medium (3/5).

Overall, the Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly is a balanced cigar, with a wide flavor intensity and persistence. It lacks a little in complexity. The evolution, although not particularly structured, remains appreciable. Among all the size out of the Kentucky Fire Cured line, we found this product to be the right compromise between maximum flavor and smoking time.

Rating: 88

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