The Chunky, of the Kentucky Fire Cured version from the Muwat line (produced by Drew Estate), is the shortest cigar in the family. The blend is not disclosed by Drew Estate, but the nomenclature (Kentucky Fire Cured) suggests the use of Kentucky tobacco and fire treated tobacco.

  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Size: 46 x 102 mm (4″)
  • Wrapper: not disclosed
  • Binder: not disclosed
  • Filler: not disclosed
  • Price: €6.60

Visually, the wrapper is of a dark color that is slightly opaque. To the touch it reveals a certain tooth, with quite pronounced veins. The general consturction, as well as the filling, are satisfactory.

Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky: unlit, the perceptible flavors are reminiscent of peat, leather and wet earth.

The first third shows a very pronounced saltiness, with a hint of spice that disappears after a few puffs. The flavors are evident, with leather, walnut and hazelnut, with a hint of peat and natural rubber. Strength is medium – light (2/5).

In the central part, the sapidity is toned down and a bitter note appears, which is not too invasive. The flavors remain focused on the walnut-leather duo, together with wood and light spices. Strength increases and becomes medium (3/5).

The length of the cigars does not allow for an appreciable evolution in the last third.

Overall, the Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky gives off a short and vigorous smoke. However, it lacks in evolution and complexity (due to its size). The balance between strength and flavor is composed. After several tested cigars, we also came across stronger cigars, which does not bode in favor of production consistency.

Rating: 85

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