Steve Saka will probably add a new size to the Muestra De Saka line: the Unicorn.

Unicorn is a Double Perfecto shaped cigar, measuring 60 x 159 mm, but it is still uncertain if this cigar will ever hit the shelfs.

Saka said that he went through 2.721 kg of Broadleaf wrapper and selected a mere 1%, which will be used on 1.000 cigars. The cigars are rolled by only two persons in the Joya de Nicaragua factory, in Esteli. He isn’t sure if he’ll just smoke them himself, or if he should share them with his customers.

He also added: “The price to make this cigar is beyond stupid, but I’m happy to have created a product that is worthy of the name Unicorn”.

Right now, only two sizes of the Muestra De Saka line have made it in to the shop (a 48 x 152 mm and a 52 x 152 mm); given that the single cigar coffins have already been made, we can hypothesize that they will find their way in to retail.

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