After more than a year since its presentation at the XIX Festival del Habano, The Montecristo linea 1935 line will hit the market very soon, during this month.

The new release will be available globally in a couple of weeks. Cigars belonging to the Linea 1935 should be the ones with more body, if compared to all the other Montecristo. They should also be the most refined, as Habanos SA declare. This could lead also to a higher price compared to the average of the brand (however, the official prices haven’t been released yet).

As anticipated here, the Montecristo Linea 1936 will be available in three sizes: Dumas (Prominente Corto: 49 x 130mm – 5.1″), Leyenda (Maravillas No. 2: 55 x 165 mm – 6.5″) and Maltes (Sobresalientes: 53 x 152mm – 6″). The Leyenda will have the same size of the Montecristo 80 Aniversario, released to celebrate the anniversary of the brand.

The line will be commercialized in wooden boxes of 20 cigars. The color chosen is the brown, with a polished finished.

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