Marzio is the Italo-Dominican brand of cigars distributed by Miami Cigars. It represents the first step forward in the industry of premium products by Avanti Cigar Company. The brand was bought by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano back in 2015. It is a sort of fusion between different cultures: Italian, Dominican and American.
Marzio is the only cigar that combines Italian temperament with the art of cigar making from the Dominican Republic. Its intense aroma is typical of American dark tobacco (that gets its color due to fire curing).

These full-bodied premium cigars are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic at the La Aurora factory. They use the same tobacco from the Toscano Originale, or a portion of Kentucky. The available sizes are Corona Gorda (47 x 152 mm) and Robusto (50 x 127 mm). The Corona Gorda is made up of a US Kentucky Extra Dark Fire Cured wrapper and a Sumatra Dark binder. The filler is a mix of US Kentucky Extra Dark Fire-Cured, Olor Seco and  Nicaragua Viso. The Robusto vitola differs only in the filler composition, that is made up of Italian Kentucky Fire Cured and Olor Seco.

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