Game of Thrones and Diageo, a union that we announced in August 2018. A series of eight scotch single malts and a blended, the Johnnie Walker White Walker, to commemorate the last season’s release of the popular HBO series. The whiskies can be found on various online shops, for some the price has increased compared to the MSRP as the availability is low. This Lagavulin is still available. The distillery of the island of Islay is well-known for its peated whiskies and for ex-bourbon casks aging, as is the case here. ABV is 46%, higher compared to the  classic 16 years. There is no news on the number of released bottles.

  • ABV: 46%
  • Casks: 100% ex-Bourbon
  • Age: 9 years
  • No. of Bottles: not declared
  • Price Range: 50 – 100 €
  • Availability: medium


Nose: low intensity, peat notes followed by iodized and marine scents. Salt, mineral and black pepper, although the spicy part is not very pronounced. Citrus fruits slowly appear, especially lemon peel and lime. Not particularly complex but pleasant, similar to other products of the company.

Palate: spicy, seltzer, then ginger and black pepper. Very round, good intensity, the spicy notes increase slowly joined by citric hints, still lemon, salt and sugary tips. The marine part disappears. Still licorice root and dry wood notes.

Finish: persistence above average. Moderate in intensity. Sweet notes of vanilla on a spicy base, black pepper and ginger. Citrus.

Lagavulin products are few, but all of excellent quality. Despite the juxtaposition with the popular series that raised some eyebrows, the possibility of tasting a further declination of Islay’s prized malt is always welcome, especially if the characteristics of Lagavulin 9 Years Old – House Lannister can be found in the glass. This whisky is good, well made, with character and complexity; it’s certainly not memorable, but the same goes for many other whiskies.

Rating: 87

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