To celebrate the 200 years since the fundation of the Lagavulin distillery, this limited edition, aged for only 8 years, was produced. It is rare to find such young bottelings of this distillery. It can still be found on the market.


  • ABV: 48%
  • Casks: Refill American Oak Casks
  • Age: 8 years
  • Number of bottles: 20.000 bottles
  • Price range: € 50 – € 100
  • Availability: low

Tasting notes LAGAVULIN 8 yo 200° ANNIVERSARY

Nose: peat, citrus (lime) and cedar emerge from the very beginning. Some salty notes are also perceptible. Despite its young age, it isn’t very pronounced on the nose. Warm and enveloping.

Palate: rediscover the peat, which results rather measured and chiseled; in fact it is never excessive nor does it tend to cover the aromatic palette, compost of spices (black pepper and white pepper) and citrus (lime). Alcoholic gradation is good.

Finale: long persistency, that outlines notes of peat, citrus and spices. The salty and marine notes stay well perceptible.

A product which can not be easily found on the market. This bottling, although not being a miraculous product, results well structured and each characteristic is well modulated. A recommended Lagavulin.



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