Every year, during the Feis Ile Festival, taking place in Islay, every distillery produces a special bottling to commemorate the event. Lagavulin chose an 18 years old. 

  • ABV: 49.5%
  • CaskType: American Oak and former Bodega European Oak casks
  • Age: 18 years
  • Number of Bottles: 6.000 bottles
  • Price range: more than € 250
  • Availability: low


Tasting notes.

Nose: rich citrus notes, mainly lemon cream, and candied oranges. There are also black pepper and peat. Sweet and spicy.

Palate: it delivers black pepper, peat and citrus (candied orange, lime and lemon) and yellow fruit. Intense, spicy and sweet.

Finish: long. Notes of spices, black pepper, light peat, citrus and yellow fruit. Vanilla and licorice complete the aromatic bouquet.

A very good Lagavulin. This Feis Ile is really a lovely product. There are both the sweetness and the peat, typical of this distillery. Great balance and very long finish.



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