The Lagavulin 16 years old is a scotch whisky, made in the famous Island of Islay, on the Scotland West Cost. The distillery was founded in the 1816 and is very close to Port Ellen. A curiosity on “Lagavulin meaning”: tranlated from the Gaelic Language, it means “hollow by the mill”.

This wiskhy is a single malt easy very to find and it can be considered a classic, a product you have to taste.

The 16 years old bottling is the most popular, even if the distillery has other products available.

The ABV is 43%. It’s commercialized in 70cl bottles.

The price for a bottle is around 55€. The quality/price ratio is great.



Look: amber gold.
On the nose: an explosion of smoky and peaty notes is the first sensation given by the nose. Slowly, wood and pear develop on a sweet base. Vanilla hint and seaweed complete the aromatic bouquet.
On the palate: very intense and rich. A mouthful of peat and smoke, followed by smoked oak wood pear and peppery notes.
Finish: very long. A rich woody aroma get developed on a sweet base, lasting on the palate and giving a high level of satisfaction.



The very deep peaty aroma characterizing the Lagavulin 16 makes this whisky pairable with cigars intense and able to develop an aromatic palette made of spices and rich enough to not be overwhelmed by the whisky.

Padron Serie 1926 No.2 Maduro: the full strength and the complexity of the Padron make this pairing a very satisfying one. Peat and spices give birth to a wonderful balance. Cigar and whishy melt together, giving off  a great and memorable pairing. For the lover of this genre, this a masterpiece.


Partagas 898: wood and spices, together with earthy notes, characterize the Partagas brand and marry very well with the peat and the smoky notes of the Lagavulin. The Cuban is capable to hold off the alcohol of the whisky with its full strength. A pairing to discover, able to be enjoyed due to the change of flavors of the 898,  especually in the second third of the cigar, when the intensity becomes remarkable.partagas-898


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