La Ley is a brand produced by NyB Cigars, with Didier Houvenagel behind the brand. For the Reserva 2015 line, they use tobaccos that has aged for two years and a additional year of aging after the cigar is rolled.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 56 x 165 mm (6.5″)
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Price: $9

Alla vista la fascia è luminosa, della tonalità maduro, con riflessi bruni. Al tatto è serica e con venature mediamente marcate. Perfetto nella chiusura della testa e nella costruzione in generale, presenta anche un penso di tutto rispetto, sinonimo di un generoso riempimento.

The wrapper is shiny and of a Maduro color. It is silky to the touch and with somewhat pronounced veins. Perfect in the closing of the head and in the construction in general.

La Ley Reserva 2015 Laguito n. 6: cocoa on the nose, as well as strong hints of hazelnut and wood.

Onc lit, the cigar is salty, with a slight sweet imprint. Mineral notes, leather and wood are immediately present and they are supported by a light spicy nuance. Strength is medium (3/5).

In the second thirdm the initial sweetness fades away, leaving only the now dominant salty flavor. The evolution is intriguing: next to the unchanged notes of leather, wood and spices, there are also slight hints of earth and dried fruit present. Strength increases, becoming medium – full (4/5).

The flavors, as well as the intensity, remain unchanged. Spices become the dominant flavor, with hazelnut, wood and earth acting as a nice backdrop. Strength increases again, becoming full bodied (5/5).

Overall, an interesting cigar. Although the strength grows throughout the smoke, the flavors, in addition to not being overpowered, also manage to express nuances that enrich the bouquet. The evolution plays on the variation of the intensity of each aroma. The only drawback is the prolonged saltiness, which makes the smoke appear somewhat flat on the palate, in particular from the second half onwards. However, with a two hour long smoking time, only the positive aspects remain.

Rating: 91

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