Scheduled for 2017, the lastest Italian Regional Edition, La Gloria Cubana Invicto, is finally available in stores. The chosen vitola is a Robusto, packaged in a Slide Lid Box that includes ten cigars. Production is limited to 8,800 boxes. 

Country of Origin: Cuba
Size: 50 x 124 mm (4.9″)
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Price: €11

The Colorado shaded wrapper is shiny and silky to the touch, with little accentuated veins. Construction and filling are more than good.

La Gloria Cubana Invicto: the unlit cigar reveals aromas  of wood and citrus fruits, joined by slight hints of pepper.

The opening is delicately salty, with a good acid component that does not overhealms, but rather facilitates the perception of the smoke. A spicy sensation is also perceptible after a few moments. Wood and citrus, with nuances of cocoa and pepper. Also present is a slight ammoniac component, which shows a certain the youth of the cigar. Strength is medium-light (2/5).

In the second thir, the acidity gives way to a delicate sweetness, which is on par with the saltyness, that has remained unchanged. The flavors evolve towards notes of honey and peanuts, preserving those of the wood, while the citrus fruits fade away but remain in the background. Strength increases, becoming medium (3/5).

There isn’t much difference going on in the last third. However at the end of the smoke it is not at all disappointing.

Overall, the cigar is mechanically impeccable, perfect both in draw and combustion. Complexity, balance and evolution are more than good. Only the flavor persistancy and the few aromas developed in the second third contract the final grade. A good regional edition, with a potential, that will surely improve over time.

Rating: 89

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