La Galera Cigars newest line is inspired by Greek mythology. Anemoi, how the line is dubbed, refers to the Greek gods of the winds.

Jose “Jochy” Blanco, owner of the brand, researched the influence of these winds in the tobacco fields in the Dominican Republic. He found out the following:

  • Boreas, i venti del nord portano l’acqua nella valle del Cibao in autunno e in inverno
  • Eurus, the Eastern wind is the most common wind and acts as a dehumidifier and cleanser
  • Notos, the Southern wind is the rarest and only occurs when a Hurricane makes its way to the Dominican Republic
  • Zephyrus, the Western wind is an indicator for heavy rain coming

The line is made up of five sizes and these Gods have also inspired the name of the cigar sizes:

  • Anemoi: 52 x 162 mm (6,375″), $12 per cigar
  • Boreas: 46 x 121 mm (4,75″), $8.50 per cigar
  • Eurus: 48 x 140 mm (5,5″), $9.25 per cigar
  • Notos: 56 x 127 mm (5″), $10 per cigar
  • Zephyrus: 60 x 152 mm (6″), $11 per cigar

The blend is made up of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Dominican Jacagua Corojo binder and Dominican Criollo 98 and Piloto Cubano as filler.

Production is handled by Blanco’s own factory, Tabacalera Palma, in the Dominican Republic. The cigars will be sold in 20 count boxes. They will be presented at this years IPCPR and are supposed to ship in July.


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