Scandinavian Tobacco Group is about to launch a new brand on the European market called La Estrella. More precisely it is called La Estrella Polar, a handmade long filler cigar made of quality tobacco.

The Estrella Polar takes its name from the polar star, that can be seen at night, and is the brightest and closest to the celestial north and therefore the center of attention, just as this cigar wants to be.

The blend consists of an Ecuadorian wrapper from the 2015 harvest, Indonesian binder, from 2013, and fillers from Colombia and Nicaragua, all fermented for 1 year and aged for another 4.

The new cigar will be sold in two sizes: Robusto and Gigante.

Manufactured in Honduras, it will be available in white / blue / red  sliding lid boxes, each containing 20 cigars. It is already available in Malaysia and Slovenia, while the new brand will soon be introduced in Holland, France, Germany, Spain and later also in Macao.

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