Jeremiah & Joshua Meerapfel, the same creators of the La Estancia brand, now release a new exclusive line: La Estancia Edición Exclusiva.

La Estancia Edición Exclusiva presents itself as a standard bearer of the personal collection of blend from the Meerapfel family (Selección Meerapfel). The cigars are made up of aged tobacco and the head is finished with a pigtail, giving the product a certain refinement and an old-school feel.

Each cigar is adorned with three luxurious golden holographic bands. The first band with the classic La Estancia logo, the second band bears the words Edición Exclusiva and the third, on the foot, has a five-pointed red star.

I sigari saranno disponibili in 3 diversi formati:

The line is made up of 3 different sizes:

  • La Estancia Edición Exclusiva 52: 52 x 148 mm
  • La Estancia Edición Exclusiva 56: 56 x 165 mm
  • La Estancia Edición Exclusiva 60:60 x 152 mm

The cigars will be packaged in black lacquered boxes, each containing 10 cigars. La Estancia Edición Exclusiva 52 will have a retail price of CHF 275, on the Swiss market, the 56 costs 300 CHF and the 60 325CHF.

Products will be available, starting from December 1, in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Asia Pacific.

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