Tired of the usual rectangular humidor, where the cigars are laying on top of each other? Do not worry, Helios Atelier has you covered.

Helios Atelier is a new company specialized in contemporary furniture founded by two young entrepreneurs, Charlotte Rouret and Félix Carrière. Among their creations, the humidor Aficionado, with unconventional shapes and undoubtedly appealing design, stands out.

The new furniture is reminiscent of a coffee table, with a metal base and a wooden and glass top. Behind so much simplicity we find instead a design object useful to all smokers, or an artisanal humidor, limited in numbers, which can hold up to 35 cigars.

The upper part stands on three powder-coated metal rims with a matte finish, while the real humidor is made up of Zircot wood and an anti-UV treated glass to protect the cigars from the sunlight. The interior, the part in contact with our cigars, is traditional red cedar wood, loved for its characteristic odor and for its insect repellent properties. The cigars can be taken by rotating the Zircot top until reaching the glassless part.

The humidity is detected by 2 hygrometers. One is placed on the supporting surface and a second one, that of the Cigarspa, is placed at the center of the humidor. Below the visible hygrometer we find a removable tray able to contain 4 cigars, convenient for offering cigars to guests.

A cylindrical wooden cigar holder completes the equipment. If necessary, you can customize the humidor to your liking.

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