The Highland Park 1989/2017 Cadenhead’s is a product from the Orkney distillery, renowned for the complexity of its well aged products. This bottle comes from a single barrel, kept at cask strength, making the whisky unaltered, exactly as it comes out from the cask.

  • ABV: 45,8%
  • Casks: Bourbon Hogshead
  • Age: 28 years old
  • N. of bottles: 192 bottles
  • Price Range: € 250-500
  • Availability: low


Nose: extraordinary in terms of aromas, complexity and balance. First of all aromatic herbs, then spices, ginger and white pepper. Peat is present but in a gentle way. Some coastal notes, followed by a mentholated and balsamic freshness. Cedar juice after 30 minutes.

Palate: a rich but at the same time gentle spiciness: black pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Yellow fruit and citrus, mainly citron and lemon, together with pineapple, banana, apple and apricot. Salty and mineral. The intensity is almost perfect.

Finish: long persistence and medium intensity. Menthol, licorice, black pepper and yellow fruit, with a unique freshness to it.

Highland Park is a unique distillery in Scotland for the use of peat, capable to enrich the aromatic profile, without overwhelming the other flavors. 28 years in barrels are definitely not few and here it would have been difficult to achieve something better. Great balance, with perfect intensity. Excellent.

Rating: 93

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